Introducing: Lead Capture

We are now offering lead capture to our clients who advertise with us digitally. We’ve spent a while looking into the right next step to grow our business, and have realized that using landing pages to generate lead captures is the best way for our clients to see a higher return on investment. Lead capture […]

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Being Proactive, Not Reactive

We encourage our employees to read “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey to increase their personal and professional skills. We believe this book is the book of knowledge behind some of the most successful people we know. The first habit in this book is, “be proactive, not reactive”. “Opportunities will come […]

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With Us, You Have Options

Digital advertising is a fast growing form of advertising guaranteeing a huge return on investment. Advertising digitally gives you more room for improvement when your advertisements are not working. It makes it easier for the advertiser to change, edit, and track their advertisement to make sure it is working to maximum capacity. There are many […]

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