Vlad Ochkalov

Vlad Ochkalov, 25, was the first graphic designer with Regnal Media and has been working here since March 2016. He moved to Portland with his parents when he was seven and the vibrant PNW culture amplified his desire to create. Vlad didn’t know graphic design was a real career choice until he was a freshman in college. He saw this career as an opportunity to make his creativity functional. Instead of making art pieces for visual enjoyment, Vlad wanted to use his skills to communicate better and make an impact on people by changing how they see and perceive things.  Branding is perhaps his favorite activity because it involves a lot more than just design. Creating an appropriate image for a company from scratch requires lots of research in design, history, marketing, and a little bit of psychology.  His inspirations are Felix Baumgartner, master watchmaker at Urwerk and Dieter Rams, Chief Design Officer for Braun (1961-1995), who once said “Good design is as little design as possible”. Vlad strongly believes this is true. Less is often time more. By having a reason for everything on the page a designer can focus on the information that’s important instead of burdening the product with non-essential elements that compete with the message of the piece.

Alex Cooper

Alex Cooper, 27, has been a graphic designer with Regnal Media since October 2016. She grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, lived in South Bend, then Salt Lake City, before moving to Portland about 4 years ago. She’s been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember, began working in photography and film in Dallas 5 years ago, and took interest in graphic design as a career 3 years ago. She began her education at Ball State University in 2008, and will be finishing her BS in Graphic Design at Portland State University in 2018. Her biggest influences in graphic design are forward thinkers like Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Josef Muller Brockmann, and David Carson. She also draws inspiration from modern architecture, futurism, and Hayao Miyazaki. Her favorite companies to build ads for are the ones that allow her to be playful or simple. To Alex, good design consists of effective communication that is beautiful, and where possible, contributes to the forward motion of design culture.

Nate Kudlich

Nate Kudlich, 27, has been a graphic designer with Regnal Media since February 2017. He’s originally from Boston, Massachusetts. He grew up in Seattle, moving to Philadelphia to start design school and then Portland to escape the snow. He grew up in a creative house but his initial artistic influence was his grandfather, a professional oil painter, who designed several years worth of posters for the America’s Cup, a global yacht race held annually. Initially, he wanted to design skate parks because he wanted to make better ones than those he grew up around but was shifted towards designing skateboards and graphics given the broad spectrum of companies and aesthetics. Nate has been working in graphic design for four years and has his bachelor’s in graphic design from the Art Institute of Portland. His favorite designers are Todd Bratrud and Don Pendleton, both accomplished designers/artists in skateboarding. His favorite projects typically revolve around music, skateboarding, and auto industries. He feels that good design consists of well-designed images that come together naturally.