Should Your Work Place Be Just As Fun As It Is Hard Working?

Here at Regnal Media, we believe that a fun work environment contributes to harder work ethics within our employees. We have many ways in which we have an exciting work environment while also keeping it professional.

“After all, consider how much of your life you actually spend at work and it does begin to make sense that a bit of fun can have an impact on how you work for the better,” according to Alex Maidment on

Fun work environments are important because they allow for employees to feel more comfortable at their home away from home. Working a forty hour work week means you spend almost twenty-five percent of your seven day week at work. If you aren’t having fun during that time, you won’t enjoy being at work. Who wants to spend twenty-five percent of their time not enjoying it? We sure don’t.

Five ways we keep our work environment exciting and fun for our employees is through casual Fridays, loud music, team building events, competitive games, and art contests. Each one of these contributes to our work environment in it’s own way.

  1. Casual Fridays

We love casual Fridays! Every Friday we get to wear what we want instead of dressing in our usual business professional wear. It makes coming to work exciting and gets us ready for the weekend. Friday’s are also when we typically see the most sales. We feel it has to do with our sales associates feeling more comfortable and relaxed while working just as hard. Who wouldn’t love coming to work in your comfiest clothes?

  1. Loud Music

We play loud music all day in the office. We switch from one Pandora station to another throughout the day. We switch up the genre and make sure we play music all of our sales associates like. Nothing is better than hearing your favorite song come on when you’re feeling stressed. The loud upbeat music we play excites our sales associates and builds a better ambiance for our hard working employees.

  1. Team Building Events

Every so often we attend team building events. The last event we did was at Escape Games PDX. We split the office into two teams of ten and played two of the different rooms. One group was in the Sherlock Room. The other group was in the Portlandia Room. Escape rooms are a great team building experience because our employees have to work together to solve a puzzle which strengthens their relationships inside and outside of work.

  1. Competitive Games

Our sales associates play competitive games two to three times a week. These competitive games are rewarded based on their sales performance. A few of our favorite sales games are Survivor, Spin the Bat, and Putt Putt. Each of these games have cash rewards for each associate who meets a sales goal high enough to participate. Survivor is a game where each sales associate’s name is placed on an island, and as each associate gets a sale they get to take another sales person off the island. The last person on the island earns the cash prize. Spin the Bat is a game where each sales associate spins around a bat five times blindfolded and then has to pick an envelope containing a cash prize. This game can be seen on our Facebook and Instagram. Putt Putt is a game where each sales associate gets to putt a golf ball after each sale. They have a few marks they aim at, each one with a different cash prize, and wherever their golf ball lands is how much cash they get to keep. These games encourage our sales associates to get more sales while also making it fun for them.

  1. Art Contests

Each week we do an art contest with our graphic designers. Each designer submits their favorite advertisement they made that week that was approved by the business and our sales associates vote on them. The first place winner wins $20 and their art gets posted on our Instagram page the following Tuesday. The second place winner’s art gets posted the following Thursday. This keeps our graphic designers always working towards bettering their skills and gets the sales associates interested in the work they are selling.
We believe each of these five things add to our upbeat work environment in their own way. Keeping a fun and exciting work environment encourages our employees to work hard while also enjoying their time at work. We are Regnal Media and we believe in working hard and playing hard.


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