Selling Expensive Products

How do some companies sell expensive products without advertising? They market high quality products. In order to understand this, you must understand the difference between marketing and advertising. Advertising’s one form of marketing where you pay to make a non-personalized message to a wide range of people. Marketing is the planning of the targeted approach […]

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Using Color to Evoke Emotions

Do certain colors catch your eye more than others? It’s because certain colors evoke certain emotions. People who have a favorite color often feel stronger emotions relating to said color. This can be used to build maximum interest in your marketing campaigns. Warmer colors – red, orange, and yellow – evoke feelings of happiness, energy, […]

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Regnal Media Turns Two!

Regnal Media has now been in business for two years. It started out in the living room of Devin Langer’s apartment and has recently moved to the biggest office the company has seen so far! We’ll be posting the blog about our big move in just a few weeks. CEO, Devin Langer, had a dream […]

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How To Make Sales Through Emails

Closing deals is hard to do when you haven’t yet shown your customer why your brand is trustworthy. People are often skeptical about switching their current brand or welcoming a new product into their regimen. Gaining your customer’s trust is a rocky road at first, and doing it through email proves even more difficult. Using […]

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Fall Trends In Digital Media

It’s fall. The seasons are changing, the leaves are falling, and the rain is pouring. Halloween is right around the corner, and then comes Christmas. We’re seeing the arrival of Holiday decorations in chain stores as the fall arrives upon us. And kids are starting school again. With the changing of the season, comes a […]

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