Twas’ The Holiday Season

The Holiday season has come and past, but the spirit shouldn’t. The holidays are a time when people are willing to give and be kind to others. Wouldn’t it be nice to make this feeling last all year long? We should do our best to help keep it alive. This past holiday season, Regnal Media […]

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How Often Should You Rebrand

Rebranding is a must for every company. There is no way for a company to keep the initial brand they began with and grow for multiple years. As times change, and a company’s industry grows, so do the needs for a rebrand. Rebranding your business can freshen up or change the previous feel behind the […]

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New Year, New Marketing Strategy

As the new year approaches, so do new marketing strategies. Business growth is all around after the holidays brought in major revenue. With a newfound budget, and a new year, now is the time to up your marketing strategy and reap maximum return on investments in 2018. Right now, you, or your marketing strategist, should […]

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